ROLE: Design Lead
Product Design, User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Data Visualization, Graphic Design

Track and reduce your carbon emissions

offCents rewards you for reducing your carbon emissions from car, train, or airplane trips. It lets you track your carbon emissions in real-time and reduce your environmental impact by walking and biking.


More than a mileage tracker

Most mileage trackers collect your data and visualize it in a neutral way. The new offCents is different. It shows you how your trips affect the environment and offers steps you can take to reduce your CO2 impact.



The CO2 balance

offCents allows you to "earn credits" in the app by walking or biking. You use these earned credits, along with traditional carbon credits, to offset your monthly CO2 emissions. After some usability testing we adjusted the new interface to look more like a credit card app with a real-time CO2 balance. This encourages people to offset more each month as they try to bring their emissions balance to 100%.


offCents Rewards

offCents gives you points every time you offset your CO2 balance. Points can be used for environmentally friendly rewards like smart lightbulbs or discounts on your energy bill. The new design makes offCents Rewards easier to navigate, redeem, and give to other offCents users.