A data platform that helps any building achieve higher levels of sustainability.


Designing for building performance

Arc is a product affiliated with the U.S. Green Building Council that helps building owners, managers, and occupants improve a building’s sustainability and achieve LEED certification using performance data. Arc’s customers start with a single issue that affects their building — greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water use, waste, human experience, or transportation — and work toward higher levels of sustainability over time. USGBC asked me to redesign Arc's user experience and overall product approach from the ground up in 2019. 

ROLE: Design Lead
Product design, UX design, analytics, data visualization


A flexible design system

When Arc was rolled out as an MVP in 2016 it solved a handful of use cases for customers. By 2019 it was time to add new features: a map for benchmarking buildings by location, certificates that recognize leadership in individual performance categories, and custom reports that outline the path to LEED certification. Arc needed a flexible navigation system that could grow with these new features.


Responding quickly to Covid-19

In 2020 Arc’s new design system proved valuable when the team quickly rolled out a new tool call Arc Re-Entry to manage buildings during the pandemic. Arc Re-Entry’s first customer was the Green Sports Alliance (GSA) who’s members, include sports teams from Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL. GSA members were eager to open their training facilities for athletes and staff as quickly as possible using data managed with Arc.

Arc Re-Entry was up and running for internal beta testing in two weeks and ready for GSA members to pilot its features shortly thereafter. Re-Entry easily integrated into Arc’s new navigation structure for both data collection and reporting.


Analytics design system

Before the redesign Arc’s analytics were inconsistent and often broken when viewed on a mobile device. Even worse, analytics tools were buried in an obscure part of the app four to five clicks away from core tasks. To fix this I created a new analytics system that displays charts, graphs, and tables as a set of components that can be used anywhere throughout Arc. Now customers can view their building data in consistent formats on their desktop, on a mobile device, in PDF reports, and in monthly email updates.


New modeling tools

Customers who sign up for an Arc subscription can access advanced modeling tools that forecast their portfolio’s future performance. Building managers can make changes to consumption, building equipment, or occupant behavior to reach specific performance goals and achieve LEED certification.



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