A suite of data products for an industry leader in electric vehicle charging.


A data-driven understanding of EV charging

Volta is a San Francisco based industry leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging networks. Volta’s advertising based charging stations provide EV drivers with free, clean energy at over 1,400 locations across the United States.

Volta's Advanced Decision Intelligence (ADI) team asked me to redesign their suite of data applications and create a new design system that acts as a foundation for their future data products. Working closely with the ADI team, I lead the redesign and launch of a number of Volta's products including:

  • PredictEV, a SaaS product that energy utilities, municipalities, and fleet customers use to predict electric vehicle adoption and deploy charging infrastructure throughout the United States.
  • PredictEV for Fleets, a prediction software tool built to solve the unique challenges of electrification and planning for fleets.
  • OPTRA, a real-time data tool that field operators use to monitor and troubleshoot Volta’s network of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Site Partner Portal, an analytics tool that allows Volta’s customers to track the usage of their stations and report the environmental and social benefits of their charging infrastructure.

My work with Volta is under a non-disclosure agreement. Contact me to learn more about my work on Volta’s Advanced Decision Intelligence data products.

ROLE: Principal designer 
Product design, Team management, Research, UX/UI design, Analytics, Data visualization



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