Machine Learning tools that power Aurora's self-driving platform.


Helping Aurora's autonomy engineers move faster

In 2021 I joined Aurora as the Design Team Lead for Aurora’s Machine Learning Data Engine. Our team designs tools that help Aurora’s engineers improve the performance of the autonomous vehicle system that powers the Aurora Driver. Recent projects include:

  • New evaluation tools that help Perception engineers understand if their ML models are improving or regressing the autonomy system.
  • A new annotation platform that reduces the time it takes our Ground Truth team to label data and create high quality datasets.
  • Advanced search tools that allow engineers to easily find and preview vehicle logs for labeling by Ground Truth.
  • A new frontend for Aurora's Supercomputer, BatchAPI, which serves as the foundation for storing, managing, and analyzing data across the company.

My work with Aurora is under a non-disclosure agreement. Contact me to learn more about my work on Aurora’s Machine Learning products.

ROLE: Senior Staff Product Designer and the Design Team Lead of Aurora's Machine Learning Data Engine
Product design, Team management, Research, UX/UI design



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