Data tools for the leading environmental, social, and governance benchmark for real estate investments.


Benchmarking real estate portfolios

GRESB is the leading environmental, social, and governance benchmark for real estate and infrastructure investments across the world. Investors use GRESB’s analytical tools to monitor their investments and make decisions that lead to sustainable and resilient buildings. GRESB asked me to help bring their real estate survey process online and redesign their entire suite of data products.

2014 - 2015
ROLE: Design Lead
Product design, UX design, analytics, data visualization, graphic design


The survey is the key to good data

GRESB needs good survey data to generate accurate benchmarks and scores for each real estate portfolio. The GRESB survey is filled out by employees of real estate holding companies who are busy juggling multiple responsibilities. The survey is long too, with over 50 multiple choice questions, including document uploads, that need to be completed over a period of months

Previous versions of the GRESB survey presented every question in full, which was overwhelming to most people. My new survey design offers one or two questions at a time and hides everything else behind expanding fields. This reduces cognitive load for people filling out the questions and lets them move faster without scanning past unnecessary text. 


Reports and Data

GRESB shares its data on 49,000 properties from around the globe in reports can span hundreds of pages. To help people navigate the reports, I developed a page structure with sticky headers that give context to the data. I also created a color palette, unique indicator icons, and solutions for charts and graphs that keep GRESB reports readable in both online and printable PDF formats.


The design system I created for reporting was also used to redesign the GRESB public site. The new look and feel positions GRESB as a financial technology company while still highlighting their social mission of promoting building sustainability.



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